So many people decide to buy things when they can simply borrow the same thing for less. If you borrow the item, you are saving yourself so much money and space in your home for things that you actually need to own. Listed below are some things that many people buy, but which would be more beneficial to them if they were to just borrow it.

1. Books – Many people only read a book once, so why would you buy the book if you can borrow it for free or for a small fee? There is likely at least one library located near you. If you’re looking for a specific book, your library is highly likely to have it. And if one library doesn’t have it, another one will.

2. DVDs and movies – Like books, most people only want to watch a movie once, unless it’s their favorite movie. Instead of buying a movie that you will probably only watch once, borrow it from Redbox or from a friend. You can even look into getting Netflix because they have thousands of movies you can watch whenever you please. If you decide to borrow a movie from Redbox, it’ll cost you a small fee. Netflix has a free trial you can try, and chances are, borrowing a movie from a friend won’t cost you anything.

3. Tools – Before you buy a tool, see if you can borrow or rent it. Most tools take up a lot of space and cost a decent amount of money, so borrowing the tool from a friend may be the way to go. Another option includes renting from local tool shops. Tool shops don’t charge much for a renting fee.

4. Suitcases – Traveling costs a lot of money as it is. You don’t need that added cost of buying suitcases. If you travel frequently, you may want to invest in a suitcase. However, most people only travel once a year at most. In these instances, instead of going out and spending hundreds on a bag, check with your friends and relatives to see if they have one they’d be willing to let you borrow.

5. Sporting equipment – If you’re just starting out with a sport, you may not be quite good at it yet or sure you’ll fully enjoy it. Until you find those answers, check with friends and relatives to see if they have any used sports equipment you can borrow.

Simply put, there are other options out there for you rather than buying an item that will only take up space and you may only use once. Be wise with your money and how you spend it. If you feel as though you need to buy an item rather than borrow, do that. But first, think about whether or not you’ll use that item again. Also, think about what exactly you need it for. Most times, you won’t need the thing you’re thinking of buying more than once.

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